Fed Up Of Costly Roof Repairs? Leaks Could Be Damaging Your Roofs!

Roof Repairs in Perth

Leaky roof is a common issue faced by homeowners all over Perth. Whether you blame the harsh external weather or the untreated internal damages, roof leaks are a sensitive issue that requires immediate attention. If enough attention is not paid, you can end up paying excessive repairing bills and develop risks of causing further damages to your home interiors.

If you can find wet or mouldy patches around your ceiling, it is highly likely that you have a leaky roof. If you suspect there is a leak, you should immediately contact a plumber to inspect the cause and seal it swiftly. Here are some potential causes of roof leaks:

  • Untreated damage to the roof tiles
  • Corroding roof sheets
  • Clogged gutters that stores rain water into the gutter cavity
  • Broken flashings around the vents
  • Damaged or poorly installed skylights
  • Roof penetrated by solar panels or antennas

Now that you know what are the potential causes of roof leaks. It is important to know what happens when the leaks are left untreated.

Top 5 consequences of an untreated leaking roof.

Compromised roof structure

Persistent leak can gradually damage the basic structure of your roof. The beams, rafters, exterior trims and the wall framings all falls under the risks of leakage. If the leak is left untreated, it can slowly weaken and the rot the wooden frames eventually breaking it. This will require costly roof repairs in Perth.

Increased risks of fire damage

Constant leak can reach through the inner frames into the electrical wires causing fire outbreaks or other electrical mishaps around your house. It is always recommended that you cut off the supply of electricity form the affected area or get the leaks fixed.

Damage to the ceilings and attic

The seeping water will attack your attic first. Constant water exposure can ruin the paints and plastering around the walls making the damages visible and the signs of the leakage more evident.

Growth of moulds and fungus

Leaks can moisten and dampen the areas where it persists. This encourages the growth of moulds and fungus. If the mould growths are neglected too, slowly the growth can be large enough to spread diseases while affecting the entire structure of your home. Moulds can easily spread all over the walls, floors, ceilings and framings. Once it has started spreading, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of it.

Affects the insulation system

It starts with the attic before quickly affecting the home insulation system. If the leaking water gets to the insulation system, energy will escape from your home making it difficult to maintain steady energy efficiency. If the insulation system performs inefficiently, the system will draw more energy to maintain the preferred indoor weather significantly increasing the energy bills in the process.

How can you protect your roofs from leakage?

If you want your roof to be protected from leaks, the roof should be inspected regularly. This could be yearly inspections or assessments carried out every few months constantly. Without fast roof repairs in Perth property will not last long.  If there was a severe hail storm, pest infestation or any other activities that you suspect could cause leaks or damages to your roof, it is important to contact a roofing service to examine the issue. On the other hand, it is also important to keep your gutter clean after each session in order to prevent leaf build up and gutter clogging.

3 Common Signs You Need Roof Repairs in Perth

Roof Repairs in Perth

The house roof forms the first line of defense against harsh Australian weather conditions. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should give topmost priority to roof maintenance. The house roof acts as a defensive shield against elements like wind, hail, snow, rain, and heat. To avoid spending thousands of dollars on costly repairs, you need to get your roof inspected at regular intervals. Roof repairs in Perth is not a walk in the park and should be best left to the professionals. But how can you know that your house roof is in need of repairs? Here are three common signs to show that your roof needs to be repaired.

Damaged Shingles or Shingle Buckling

You need to take a closer look in order to spot shingle buckling. If the shingles are curled on the edges or appear overlapped, it means that either they are damaged or disoriented. Shingle buckling can decrease the durability of your house roof. Due to curled and misaligned shingles, the house roof fails to shed water properly and this leads to costly structural damages due to moisture. If you detect a lot of buckling, you may need to replace the entire roof. Hire professional roofers to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Flabby Ceiling

Your ceiling could sag if water penetrates the roof and is left to rot. If your ceiling looks like it is bulging downwards, the most obvious reason behind it is water damage caused due to a leaking roof. If your ceiling seems to be bent downwards but there are no signs of water, the next thing you need to do is check your attic. In case you have a sagging ceiling, you need to act immediately. Trying to fix it on your own could lead to costly errors. To repair a leaking roof, you need to hire professionals, who are well equipped to provide you with hassle-free roof repairs in Perth.

Blocked Gutters and Downspouts

Are your gutters and downspouts not draining properly? This could be due to a blockage caused by shingle granules from your roof. One of the most effective ways to find out whether you have a faulty house roof is by inspecting the gutters. If the shingle granules are damaged and misaligned, they start flowing down with the rainwater and end up clogging your gutter system. Granules offer protection against elements like debris, hail, snow and UV rays. When you spot shingle granules in your gutters, you may need to hire professionals for roof replacement.

As soon as you detect any of the above-mentioned issues, hire a professional for a full roof inspection. With decades of experience in the industry, Element Roofing Services is well equipped to provide you with the best roof repairing solutions. We will help you understand what is wrong with your roofing before providing you with long-lasting solutions. Our roofing specialists will inspect your roof, find the root cause of the problem and fix it quickly.