Roof plumbing


Element Roofing Services provides a wide range roof plumbing solutions for many of our clients but some of our more common requests are;

The repairing/resealing or the removal and replacement of all types of deteriorated rusted through corroded poorly installed or ineffective roof plumbing components such as;

lead zinc colourbond and wakaflex weathered flashings.
All types of guttering downpipes valley irons box guttering leaking Roofing sheets and skylight flashings.
Inadequate or deteriorated or rusted Roofing screws or screws with perished rubber washes.

Roof Restorations


Roof restoration is where we make sure all the broken and cracked roof tiles have been changed out of the roof.
Then all the ridge capping is repaired where necessary then completely repointed with flexible pointing.
Then the roof is washed completely of all old paint dirt and debris with a 4000psi pressure cleaner to make sure there is nothing left the tiles.
Then the roof tiles are resealed with a coat of sealer, then given two top coats of Teflon based roof paint of the clients color choice.

Pressure cleaning


At Element Roofing Services we provide a high pressure cleaning services.Not only for the removal of moss, lichen, dirt and other types of staining from roofs but also on driveways, paths and other paved, tiled or concrete outdoor areas.

Re bedding and pointing


Re bedding and pointing is where we take all the ridge capping off your roof so we can then remove all damaged and/or eroded mortar that connects the ridge capping to the tiles from the roof. We then professionally replace/re bed all the ridge capping back in place with new mortar which has a bonding agent added.
We then point over all the new mortar and collars with a coloured adhesive flexible pointing solution to match your roof.

Roof inspections


At Element Roofing Services we provide roof inspections and evaluations for insurance and all other necessary purposes.

Roof replacement


At Element Roofing Services we provide a roof replacement service where we totally remove all your old tiled or metal roof and then replace it with new clay/terracotta tiles, concrete tiles or either zinc or colourbond metal roofs.

Roof Maintenance Perth


Are you looking for adept roof maintenance in Perth? Element Roofing Services handles any kind of formidable roofing issues efficiently to strengthen and improve your roofing system successfully.

Being active for more than 20 years, we have developed an excellent reputation for providing the most proficient and satisfying customer service across Perth. We offer complete roof maintenance service to solve any kind of roofing issues that may arise over time. We always try to maintain complete transparency and offer a tailored service that is competitively priced.

Get the best roof maintenance in Perth

Exposure to the harsh external weather and pollution, your roof begins to experience wear and tear as it ages. Without proper roof repair and roof maintenance, the durability of the roof starts reducing and the warranty may become void. Here are some of the most common ways your roof might get damaged and worn out:

  • 1. Harsh weather conditions
  • 2. Poor materials, design, and materials.
  • 3. Roof contaminations
  • 4. Vandalism
  • 5. Faulty flashing works
  • 6. Clogged drains and sewers
  • 7. Poor roof maintenance or repair work.
  • 8. Accumulation of debris on the roof

Reasons To Get Your Roof Maintained

The prime cause of roof related issues occurs due to poor maintenance. A roofing system requires regular inspection, maintenance, and repairs to keep it lasting a long-time and avoid water damages from leaks or other external forces.

1. Maintenance increases the lifespan of your roof

Your roof is being constantly exposed to all kinds of harsh weather conditions including hail, rain, storm, snow, and pollution. As a result, it is important to carry out regular maintenance work to avoid or repair major damages before something worse happens from it.

2. Roof maintenance saves you money

Investing in roof maintenance service in Perth can help you save you plenty of Money in the long run. Regular inspection and repairing help you detect the leaks and damages early on helping you get the roof fixed before any severe and expensive damages occur.

3. Your roof could be hiding something

Home should be regularly inspected to identify such leaks and get repaired at a very low cost before it causes severe damages, forcing you to replace an entire part of your roof or house.

We provide the most complete roofing maintenance in Perth

Here in Perth, the environment is unique and hence your house requires specific roofing system. We have the skills and expertise to provide the necessary adjustment such as high roof repair and waterproofing to safeguard your home from leaks and external damages. Besides proficient roof repair services across Perth, we offer assistance with your roofing insurance adjustment to ensure that you receive the maximum value out of your claim in case of damage. We only work with the highest standards of products and workmanship to provide roof restoration solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Roof Tiling Perth


Efficient and effective roof tiling service in Perth

Are you having any issue with your roof tiles? Do you need an effective solution for your roofing system? How about a formidable roof repair or replacement work?

Element roofing is your one-stop shop for complete roofing needs. We specialize in providing quality solution of roof tiling in Perth at a very affordable cost. We are a leading roof leak and repair specialist, highly skilled and experienced to offer the most complete roofing solution that you need. Our roof specialists have a real understanding of the roofing problems that may arise over time and provide the right roofing solutions to increase the longevity and attractiveness of the roofing system. Additionally, we have an understanding of the appropriate materials, tools, and services needed to enhance the condition of your entire roofing system efficiently. When you choose us, you get the best roof tiling and repair services in Perth that money can buy.

Choose from a diverse range of tiling options

With an extensive range of tiling options to choose from, we handle each type of roof with proficiency. Whether you need a one-off roof repairing or replacement work or regular maintenance work to keep your roof strong and fresh we offer the best workmanship to get the job done meticulously. You can choose from a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs at a very competitive price, to get the type of roof that you desire.
The roofing worries are not limited to just tiling, apparently with time the cement underneath the ridge caps deteriorate. This can present plenty of issues that need a quick fix. Otherwise, your home might suffer from structural issues that could be expensive in the long run. We offer the perfect re-bedding solution to improve the durability of your roof by many years.

Get the highest standards of services at a very competitive rate

As a hard-working roof tiling contractor in Perth, we strive to deliver our services with honesty and integrity. We deliver the highest standards of workmanship using only the highest quality of materials. We make sure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of our services.